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released June 15, 2013

Keyboards/ programming: Carlos Martinez (le maquiniste)
Lyrics/ Voice: Graham Bell Tornado
Cello: Sara ("el") Galán



all rights reserved


Gran Tour Valencia, Spain

is MELOGLAM: a musical journey through neo cabaret, classical soundscapes, gypsy badlands and transgender performance.

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Track Name: La Tierra de O/A
Everybodys´ talking that jive talk o/a o/ao/a o/a O/A
Llegamos en la tierra de o/a o/ao/a o/a O/A
Todo es tan exotico/a
Everybody exotico/a

Les invitamos a esta tierra de O/a como posibles inversores de las excavaciones que se estan realizando debajo de este glaciar andino.
Las continuas extracciones de oro estan accelerando su descongelacion.
La utlizacion de quimicas abrasivas puede envenenar el rio que nace aquí causando la muerte de los nativo/as (we´ve invited you here as potential investors to show you the excavations being carried out under this andean glacier beneath which gold has been discovered. so its going to be melted down the river polluted and the natives who live downstream will probably become infected and die. )

Aquí hay marinero/as, cociner/was, verduler/was, astiller/was carnicer/was ejecutivo/as
Todo/As desenfadado/as en la tierra de o/a o/ao/a o/a O/A

tierra de o/a o/ao/a o/a O/A


You can take it but you can´t leave it believe me you´re gonna believe it

Aquí no hay marinero/as, cociner/was, verduler/was, astiller/was
only cars malls and bingo
cars here cars there cars everywhere
in the tierra de O/A
Track Name: Monsanto
Winters coming winters coming everything is dying
Winters coming winters coming will it be the last?
Do you remember? The last winter-
Air so cold you can´t breathe
You wanted sun all year round but that can´t be

Winters coming winters coming –i would be lying
Winters coming winters coming- through my back teeth
If i didn´t tell you it may be the last.
And all your gold won´t keep you warm
Track Name: Do Gran Tour
Delusions of the grand tour in Castilla la Mancha
I´ve played baccara in Roma
checkers in Manhattan
backgammon in Biarrtiz
roulette in Versailles
gran tour do gran tour
Don´t do Ibiza dont´ do surfing
don´t carry prada dont do techno
do the modern classics
do nophistication

Stand out from the crowd do grand tour grand tour.
Stand out from the crowd do grand tour grand tour.

Don´t do big productions don´t make investments,
don´t believe in Hollywood don´t buy do-don´t buy

If you think its sophisticated
Buzzing round the world
Eating in fancy restaurants
Dressing a la mode
I suggest you get a good guide
Just in case your advice is flawed